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Japan Market Entry for Food and Beverage Brands  

JML Group Japan is a dynamic market entry firm based in Fukuoka, committed to helping businesses successfully navigate and establish their presence in the Japanese and broader Asian markets.

We understand that entering a new market can be challenging. Our expert team provides tailored strategies to overcome cultural and business barriers, ensuring your brand resonates with local consumers. From market research and competitive analysis to establishing local partnerships and executing targeted marketing campaigns, we cover every facet of the market entry process. Our goal is to pave the way for your success in Japan’s lucrative food and beverage sector, leveraging our local expertise and international experience to deliver outstanding results​.

Located in Fukuoka, our strategic position offers unparalleled access to major Asian cities like Taipei, Seoul, and Shanghai, making it an ideal hub for efficient logistics and seamless import/export operations. Our city’s robust infrastructure supports a smooth supply chain and effective distribution networks, essential for businesses aiming for rapid market penetration.

Welcome to Your Market Entry Journey



Start with a personalized consultation to understand your business and assess your products.



Once you’re prepared, the Market Entry Qualification Test(MEQT) assesses your readiness for the Japanese market.


Market Entry

Launch your products in the Japanese market using our expertise in logistics, marketing, and sales.


Market Continuation

Solidify and expand your market presence in Japan, providing ongoing support without the need for further financial aid.

Initial Consultation

You are about to take your first step toward becoming a successful brand in the Japanese Food & Beverage market. During this consultation session, we will discuss your brand, its potential, and what you need to prepare before you can take the Market Entry Qualification Test (MEQT).

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What to Expect from the Consultation

In this consultation, the following key areas will be covered to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the business and its readiness for the Japanese market:

Client Overview

Business History and Core Activities. The company’s background, core business activities, and long-term objectives will be discussed to tailor services that align with its strategic vision.

Product Uniqueness. An exploration of what sets the company’s products apart in the market, identifying unique selling propositions and how they can be leveraged in Japan.

Production and Documentation Assessment

Production Process. A detailed review of the company’s production processes to ensure they meet Japanese standards and are well-documented.

Regulatory Compliance Readiness. An assessment of current documentation to verify compliance with Japanese regulations. If any gaps are identified, guidance will be provided on how to address them.

Financial Viability

Financial Health Evaluation. An evaluation of the company’s financial status to determine its capacity to support market entry activities.

Market Viability and Stability. A discussion on current market performance and financial stability to verify a solid foundation for expansion into Japan.

Strategic Recommendations

Document Compilation Guidance. Advice on compiling the necessary documents required for regulatory compliance and market entry.

Market Presence Strategy. Strategic recommendations to help establish a strong and effective market presence in Japan, including insights on initial sales milestones and market entry tactics.

Preparing for Your FREE Consultation

To make the most of the consultation, the following preparations are recommended:

Marketing Materials

Brochures and Advertisements. Bring any existing brochures, advertisements, or promotional content that has been created.

Product Packaging

Current and Concept Packaging. Showcase current product packaging and any concepts envisioned for the Japanese market.

Financial Insights

Reports and Sales Data. Provide financial reports, sales data, and any other relevant financial information.

Your Goals

Short and Long term Objectives. Define the objectives to be achieved in the Japanese market, both short-term and long-term.

Your Vision

Brand Vision. Share the overall vision for the brand and how it is envisioned to fit into the Japanese market.

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Inspire to Progress

Continuing your Journey

Our services are designed to ensure your business not only enters the Japanese market smoothly but also achieves sustained success.

Market Entry Qualification Test (MEQT)​

The Market Entry Qualification Test (MEQT) is a thorough assessment designed to evaluate the readiness of products for the Japanese market, focusing on critical areas to ensure a smooth and successful entry.

Regulatory Compliance

Safety and Standards. A detailed review to ensure that products meet all necessary Japanese safety regulations and standards. This includes checking ingredient lists, production processes, and compliance with local food safety laws.

Market Fit

Trends and Preferences. Comprehensive analysis of how well products align with current market trends and consumer preferences in Japan. This involves market research, competitive analysis, and consumer behavior to identify the potential acceptance of the product.

Supply Chain Viability

Logistics and Distribution. In-depth assessment of logistics and distribution plans to ensure they are practical, efficient, and cost-effective for the Japanese market. This includes evaluating potential distribution channels, warehousing solutions, and transportation logistics to optimize the supply chain.

Market Entry Program

Launch your products in the Japanese market with a dedicated team of experts leveraging our existing infrastructure in logistics, marketing, and sales.

Importation and Distribution

Comprehensive Management. Handling all aspects of importing and distributing products in Japan, ensuring seamless logistics and regulatory compliance.

Marketing and Sales Support

Brand Establishment. Providing ongoing support for marketing and sales to establish and grow the brand in the Japanese market. This includes tailored marketing strategies, promotional activities, and sales channel development.

Financial Management

Strategic Oversight. Offering strategic financial management to support market entry and growth. This involves budgeting, cost control, and financial planning to ensure sustainable business operations in Japan.

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