Business fields

Sustainability through diversity

The JML-group refers to a collective group of subsidiaries and associated companies such as JML Holland BV and JML Japan KK.
The JML Group consists solely of startup enterprises, which act as one company. In our “Business Fields” section, you find an overview of the business fields some of our subsidiaries and associated companies are investing in.

This diversity allows the JML Group to grow a diverse and sustainable business environment,
ensuring a robust and healthy future for our investors and us.

Food Wholesale

Prime business field

Food Wholesale is the main business field of JML Holland BV and JML Japan KK. The two sister companies are the foundation of the JML Group. Both companies are specialized in importing and exporting premium food products between the US, EU, and the Pacific-Asian market. With our fast-growing network of local and international business partners and clients, we believe that the JML Group is the easiest and most effective way for businesses to introduce their brands to the markets in which we operate. 

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Secondary business field

Our Real-Estate business field is being managed by “The Simple Company” this company maximizes the use of our properties by renting out spare space to SME for short-time use at affordable prices.
With the Simple company, we offer “Simple Space” and “Simple Office.” 
Beyond the revenue, it creates new market opportunities and broadening our business network in a more diverse way.

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Media & Digital

Secondary business field

Media and Digital are the foundation of a marketing company.
The Orange Rabbit Company is such a company, managing a local news website and helping the local community with graphic design, video production, and website development. These skills and experience helps us understand the local market better and which advertising tactics are more effective and cost effective. With this in mind the Orange Rabbit Company helps us design promotional materials and a create marketing strategies tailored to the markets in which we operate. 

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